What We Do For You

As soon as Vital Care Rx receives your prescription, our clinical team will contact you to explain step-by-step our patient care process. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions to a member of our clinical team, and we are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Patient Services

Insurance and Billing

Vital Care Rx will provide benefits investigation for both your medical and drug benefits. We assist with prior authorizations and any additional paperwork needed for your insurance company. In addition, Vital Care Rx will work with manufacturer assistance programs and/or non-profit organizations to help relieve the financial burden.


We will have your medications conveniently delivered at any preferred location; this can be your home, physician’s office, or other location free of charge. We also provide you with a care kit that includes educational materials and all of the necessary medication supplies to help you gain the most benefit from your therapy.


We stay in touch with you throughout your treatment. A member of our clinical staff will follow-up with you, check on your medication supplies, and schedule your next delivery to make sure each delivery is quick and accurate. Our staff will also work closely with your physician’s office to keep them updated with your progress.


Our staff will work closely with your physician’s office to keep them updated with your progress and coordinate any refill requests. We will also contact your physician or other healthcare provider if you are experiencing any concerns or issues with your therapy.